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Training Programs Offered
A Couples Retreat
Effective Communication
Effective Leadership and Team Building
Effective Leadership Development
Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers
Effective Personal Leadership
Effective Personal Management - My-Tyme Workshop
Effective Selling Strategies
Organizational Goal Setting and Team Building Workshop
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Morrell & Associates Training Programs
Effective Leadership and Team Building
Morrell & Associates presents

A goal driven program consisting of four half-day sessions.  This program will help participants identify critical success areas they want to focus on such as team building, attitude, goal setting, time management, customer service, and communication.

Program Format

Four half-day sessions

  • 1st Session     Time Management & Goal Setting
  • 2nd Session    Communication
  • 3rd Session     Customer Relations
  • 4th Session     Team Work
Program Outline

1st Half Day Session


  • What is sucess?
  • Goal setting 101
  • Goals - General/Specific
  • Most Important Goals
  • Goal Planning

2nd Half Day Session:


  • Communication Mastering the Basics
  • Communicate Openly and Directly
  • Productive Communication
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers

3rd Half Day Session:


  • Customer Service is a Relationship
  • What Affects Relationships
  • CCQS
  • 4 A's - Quality Service Process
  • 4 A's - Quality Service Strategy

4th Half Day Session


  • Personal Organizational Evaluation
  • Team Understanding
  • Attitude
  • Barriers to Effective Team Performance
  • Organizational Strengths
  • Organizational Weaknesses
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Team Commitment
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