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Training Programs Offered
A Couples Retreat
Effective Communication
Effective Leadership and Team Building
Effective Leadership Development
Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers
Effective Personal Leadership
Effective Personal Management - My-Tyme Workshop
Effective Selling Strategies
Organizational Goal Setting and Team Building Workshop
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Morrell & Associates Training Programs
A Couples Retreat
Reflect Renew Refresh
Are you interested in working on your marriage and relationship?  The Couples Retreat is a time to dream, reflect and plan your future with your spouse.  Couples often rely on spontaneous ideas or opportunities to build their marriage.  Making plans and setting goals for the future is an excellent tool to solve problems and to forge new habits and behaviors and strengthen the foundation of your relationship.  Common goals will bind and motivate you to work diligently to make the most of your marriage.  First, each of you will discover your personal goals and then share the goals with each other.  Learn about the six areas of life that are important to every human being and to every successful marriage.  Take time to renew the most important relationship you will ever have.
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