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Effective Communication
Effective Leadership and Team Building
Effective Leadership Development
Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers
Effective Personal Leadership
Effective Personal Management - My-Tyme Workshop
Effective Selling Strategies
Organizational Goal Setting and Team Building Workshop
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Morrell & Associates Training Programs
Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers Download Description
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Identification of high payoff activities
  • Time management skills that produce results
  • More effective communication
  • Promotion of positive work attitudes
  • Improved teamwork
  • Employee and organizational growth
  • Skills in dealing with paper flow and managing work intrerruptions
  • Increased productivity at work and in personal life
  • Skills to set and manage priorities in business and personal life
  • Improved verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to write and track goals that make a difference
  • A balanced life style as a product of effective goal setting


  • To invest in the future growth and success of your business
  • To increase the productivity and "bottom-line" of your business
  • For you to become more goal-directed and focused in your work
  • For you to learn how to evaluate your daily workload and concentrate your efforts and time in high payoff activities

If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results.  Morrell & Associates provides new information that is essential in developing attitudes and behaviors to assist your business or organization to achieve its goals.

The Slight Edge.  Successful businesses are not twice as good as other businesses; the difference is they have The Slight Edge.  The Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers seminar series helps you and your business to develop The Slight Edge.

Leadership.  Effectiveness is successful leadership.  Doing the right things at the right times with the right people.  Morrell & Associates will bring this success to your business!


1st Session:  Introduction, Success, Attitude and Growth

  • The power of planning and organizing
  • How attitudes are developed
  • Exploring success, motivation and characteristics of successful people

2nd Session:  My-Tyme

  • Understanding "The Tyranny of the Urgent"
  • Effective time management skills
  • Developing effective time management skills
  • How to use your Personal Success Planner

3rd Session:  The Nature of Productivity

  • The key resource of increasing productivity
  • Identifying and using high payoff activities
  • Attitudes toward external circumstances

4th Session:  Goal Achievement

  • Your self-image
  • The Goal setting process that really works
  • Personal and organizational goals
  • Putting affirmations and visualization into practice

5th Session:  Increasing Productivity Through Controlling Priorities

  • Setting priorities in all areas of life
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Managing emergencies
  • Developing an efficient work area and managing paper flow

6th Session:  Effective Communication

  • Enhanced inter-personal communication
  • Communicating with groups
  • Writing for maximum impact

7th Session:  Empowering The Team

  • The empowerment imperative
  • The time of a leader
  • Developing team players through delegation

8th Session:  Increasing Team Productivity

  • Sharing and communicating goals
  • Productive meeting strategies
  • Developing and coaching self-directed work teams


  • The Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers program provided by Morrell & Associates, increases personal productivity, achieves goals and produces greater teamwork and success with businesses and organizations.


  • The Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers program is presented in a series of eight seminars.  Each seminar is approximately 2 1/2 hours long and the seminars are spaced one week apart.  This arrangement significantly increases the retention and utilization of seminar information.
  • Weekly assignments include reading and listening to the lesson or CD.  Each week participants complete written exercises applying what they are learning to their unique and specific work experiences.  Participants invest about 30 minutes each day completing assignments for the next week.
  • Individual progress is measured as participants advance through the course.


  • Open-Enrollment Seminars:  Provide the Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers seminars to a limited number of individuals from different businesses and organizations.  Typically, they are held in the conference room provided by Morrell & Associates
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