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Morrell & Associates Training Programs

Programs and Workshops Offered

A Couples Retreat
Effective Communication
Effective Leadership and Team Building
Effective Leadership Development
Effective Personal and Organizational Development for Top Performers
Effective Personal Leadership
Effective Personal Management - My-Tyme Workshop
Effective Selling Strategies
Organizational Goal Setting and Team Building Workshop
In-House Seminars
Morrell & Associates coordinates with businesses and organizations to provide performance development for their employees. Together, we decide when and where the training will be conducted. Some businesses prefer to hold the seminars in their facility while others choose to use our conference room. The day of the week and the time of day for seminars are arranged to fit the employer’s schedule.
Open Enrollment
Provide the Effective Personal and Organizational Management training to a group of individuals from different businesses and organizations. Typically, they are held in the conference room provided by Morrell & Associates.


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