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Morrell & Associates Philosophies

Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving a lasting behavioral change for improved results on-the-job, as well as in their personal lives.  Lasting behavioral change cannot be achieved in a one or two day seminar.  Our process requires a commitment of time and effort over a period of time, but the results are well worth it.


An important difference between our services and traditional business consultants is that we believe you and your team know more about your business than outsiders.  This is an important distinction, because it allows us to start the process differently.


Our first step is to identify, largely through discussion with key executives, both team and individual goals that will help the organization and people achieve an even higher degree of success.  We use this information to develop win/win agreements, or written performance contracts, up front, so the training process commences with specific focus on improved outcomes.  In the absence of clearly defined goals, people are forced to concentrate on an activity, and they literally become enslaved to it.  They tend to become so busy being busy that they lose focus on results.

Next, we lead participants through a gradual discovery process of self-evaluation that allows them, in a non-threatening way, to identify what's holding them back from achieving their goals.

Sometimes uncontrollable external circumstances are to blame for not achieving goals.  So our participants need to question whether they are doing everything they should be doing to influence the situation to their best advantage.  Most often, however, they discover that improving their own effectiveness in basic personal productivity and management skills hold the greatest potential for improving performance.  We use a variety of exercises to surface the issues.  For purpose of focus, we then have participants start a list of areas for improvement.


We believe that only lasting motivation comes from the "thrill of victory" or satisfaction that accompanies the achievement of goals. Our experience is that people enjoy challenges and are willing to work very hard if they know they are meeting expectations and if they receive positive feedback and appreciation for their effort and accomplishments.


I'll toot our own horn and say that no other process even comes close to ours in terms of getting people to actually practice better skills on the job toward improving productivity and profitability. However, it is important for you to understand that management cannot abdicate its responsibility to the process and count solely on outsiders like us to transform its people or the organization.

People have a "shelf life" and the pull of old habits is very strong. Therefore, even after our powerful results oriented training process, there will be some tendency to drift back toward the old familiar comfort zone. The key is to develop an organizational culture that reinforces goal setting and concentrates on continual improvement.


We do not believe in "hype" motivation, what we do is not magic. The correct principles of effective leadership and management have been around for a long time. Our goal is to help participants see how these principles apply to them and their particular situation, and then actually practice methods to improve business performance and personal satisfaction.


Time productivity is profit. If all we accomplish is improving the productivity of each participant by only 30-minutes a day, then we'll add the equivalent of approximately 22 eight-hour work days to their productive time every year. Using that small amount of productive time constructively each day amounts to an entire extra month of productivity. Think of how much that would add to each participant's personal productivity.

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