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Effective Personal and Organizational Leadership Development

The EFFECTIVE PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT program that helps business leaders achieve more results and accelerate their success.  New work habits and attitudes develop a higher use of untapped potential.  Some of the changed behaviors that the EFFECTIVE PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT program participants will grow and expand include:  Learning how to have the right attitude against all odds; Setting goals and achieving the "most critical" results; Prioritize high payoff activities; Managing interruptions and keeping commitments; Communicating more clearly and directly; Planning, scheduling and measuring key actions; Helping the team become more productive; Reducing the gap between potential and performance.

The program is designed for a limited number of executives, managers, supervisors and professionals who want to improve their performance.  Personal productivity and organizational development improvement is a dynamic process that is ongoing and delivers long term benefits. 


Effective Personal Management - My-Tyme Workshop

Presenting a four-hour workshop that will show you how to increase your personal productivity, become more proactive, better balanced and experience less stress!

Workshop Objectives:

1.  How to find an additional 2-3 hours per day to work on important goals and high payoff activities that you don't have time for now.

2.  How to increase your productivity by a minimum of 15-20%.

3.  How to get control of your personal and professional time by scheduling your priorities.

4.  How to become more proactive and reduce stress levels by practicing the four steps of proactive self-management.

5.  How to manage all the commitments and promises you are making and accepting every day so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Cost for the four-hour My-Tyme Workshop, plus materials is $250.00

For more information, call 970-353-4941; or fill out the contact information in this website; or email us at pmorrell@what-wire.com

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